Arewys's Grimoire

  • Magic in Gessa

    Central to any fantasy setting is magic. There have been countless takes and mechanics of magic, some better than others. Here in Gessa, magic is as much of a force as gravity or electromagnetism, except it is one that seems to be heavily connected to life and the will of mortal beings. It seems to gather around life, clinging to it, responding to it. But in doing so it also warps it. 
  • Who is Arewys?

    Who is Arewys? - Art by Freddy Lopez Jr. Arewys Nawor Jomassenon, Sawyer Rowan Masonjones. Same person, different names. I’ve used this moniker wi...
  • Introducing the Orkata and New Character Generation Concepts

    The Orkata Orcs are fantasy’s original sin when it comes to writing about race. Originally, in Tolkien's work, they were corrupted elves, loosely b...