Welcome Nexians

Hello Nexians, Will Moquin here, President of the Adventure Nexus.


This is a truly exciting time for us here as we unveil our new store and take another step toward realizing the dreams of what we have in store for our patrons and the role playing games community at large, with the production of our Original 5e Dungeons and Dragons Content; The World of Gessa, and our proprietary app development project. However, we need your help to be able to realize these dreams and  bring these amazing products to you.

We have tried to assemble a great variety of fun and useful products, great for upping your game, and fun Nerduculture items to help you express your inner nerd. 

Due to the sensitivity of the app project, we are unable to reveal the full list of features that our app will provide (until our prototype is completed), and how they may be utilized to bring you, and the world a better gaming experience, and open up new doors for the TTRPG community. 

Your product purchases and donations are how will we get there, and realize the dreams we are striving towards.

Our first goal is to complete our App Prototype, from which we can then launch our Kickstarter campaign to fully fund the app development and to bring  you the published work of our World of Gessa Setting. 

The financial goal to fund the prototype development with top US based mobile app development company Tekrevol, recipient of the Best Digital Agency Award for 2019 by DesignRush.com, is $50k dollars. Quite a feat,  but doable with your support for the app, that will change the way we interact with role playing in general, and provide life changing features for the industry. 

We can do this… 

You can donate to the cause directly on our Donate Page or simply tip us at checkout if that is more convenient. We are very grateful for your patronage and support of our efforts, and we look forward to bringing you these products as quickly as we can, delivering the quality that we aspire to.

I will keep you posted on our progress periodically here.

Be sure to also follow Sawyer Masonjones’s Arewys’s Grimoire Blog to learn more about our exciting World of Gessa Setting, and thanks for listening.

A sincere thank you from all of us at, The Adventure Nexus.



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